An Upward Trend

84% of Pet Food Experts Retailers Order Electronically

Since we began offering electronic ordering solutions to our customers, thousands of customers made the transition away from handwriting orders or calling their reps weekly.

Old, difficult ordering methods:

  • Handwriting orders and faxing them
  • Calling an order in to a sales rep
  • Writing an order in an email
Order Efficiency Chart

How Can Electronic Ordering Change the Way You Run Your Store?

Join your fellow independent pet retailers and reap the benefits of placing your orders electronically!
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It's Fast

Manually going through inventory and handwriting orders can take hours (or days!) to complete depending on each individual store. Instead of spending time hidden away from interacting with customers and training employees, retailers quickly submit their orders with electronic ordering solutions.
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It's Efficient

Everyone makes mistakes. While human error is inevitable, retailers have the opportunity to stop manually writing down item numbers or UPCs, significantly reduce possible mistakes, and order electronically to ensure that the products and quantities they need are delivered to their store.
Since joining the Pet Food Experts team, it has been a main focus of mine to encourage my customers to order electronically. It makes their lives so much easier and allows them to spend less time keeping track of hundreds of SKUs and more time helping their customers and teaching their employees.

Kc Mutchler, Territory Manager Pet Food Experts, Inc.

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It's Easy

Handshake and our ordering website are a one-stop-shop with access to detailed descriptions and images of thousands of foods, treats, toys, and supplies offered by Pet Food Experts. View each product and learn more about your favorite items before placing your order on these platforms.
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It's Convenient

Our customers lives as business owners have changed for the better with the introduction of electronic ordering solutions from Pet Food Experts. Each ordering option offers different features to make a perfect fit for each unique independently owned pet store with 24/7 access anytime, anywhere.
I have literally cut the time it takes me to write an order in half! I can write my order from anywhere (while traveling, after work, etc). I love that you can expand the pictures of items and see details so I can confirm the product before putting it in my cart. It's also very helpful to be able to look things up immediately when a customer asks for a special order. 

Jody Meerdink, Owner Paw Lickin' Good - Sycamore, IL

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